Flat Training Bench

W1250 D300 H360-430mm / 42kg
Bull Leather / Steel

Flat Training Bench
Flat Training Bench
Flat Training Bench

Flat Training Bench


Because I wanted to make something durable, I manufactured the legs of the bench from cast-iron and chose a thick leather with a firm, pleasant texture called BULL for the seat. The pleasant, worn texture of the bull-hide—a sign that the animals lived a long, healthy life—is perfect for the bench, which is a tool for crafting a strong body. In order to avoid the discomfort of seams against the body, I went to the effort of crafting the seat out of single piece of leather, rather than multiple pieces sewn together, for the most comfortable seat possible. Those who are used to using synthetic leather benches at a regular gym, you will be surprised at how comfortably this leather responds to the shape of your body.
It is, of course, real leather, and so will absorb sweat. You may think of it as your personal training bench. As you spend time on the bench, I would be honored if you came to appreciate it as much as your increasingly refined body.





TRUCK is a furniture store created by us, Tokuhiko Kise and Hiromi Karatsu, in the Chuo Ward of Osaka City in 1997. Ignoring popular trends, we make the kind of furniture that we ourselves want. We use wood, leather, and metal carefully, preserving their natural quality to create furniture that can be used for a lifetime. TRUCK is the space that we made. Here we make our products; here we sell them. That’s our style, and it will never change. Built up from scratch in 2009--including the large trees and brick walls--TRUCK, AREA2, the workshop, and Atelier Shirokuma-sha moved to Asahi Ward. Café Bird was also newly opened on the premises.


I like to train at the gym, but I also like being able to train at home whenever I want. Because I disliked the idea of getting a commercial machine and going into a craze over the latest fitness fad, I started thinking about making my own training bench.

I wanted something that would blend seamlessly into my home and look better with use over time, all while being strong enough to use for my training. It couldn't cut corners, and it had to be adjustable for a shorter athlete like myself to use comfortably. While mulling over its look and shape, the owner of Truck Furniture, Tok Kise, offered up his workshop to take over its production.
Having long admired the space at Truck Furniture and wanting to design a gym in a similar vein, I was beside myself with joy.

This training bench is the product I designed and collaborated with TRUCK to create. It is perfectly suited for training, but when you're not training, it also works very well as a bench for reading or a chair for eating meals.
If I hadn't met Tok Kise, this bench would never have been more than a dream of mine. I want to say thank you very much to him!


Shinji Ueda

Bench Press World Champion

"The thing I look most for in training goods is durability. That's because if you use a weak machine with heavy weights and it doesn't move or operate as it should in response, there is a high risk of injury. I tested the bench's endurance by bench pressing weights on it. While recuperating from a competition, I did a bench press of a maximum of 270kg. Adding my own 120 kgs means it can handle at least up to 390 kgs. I felt that not only did it withstand the heavy weight without once faltering, it felt as if it became more stable as the weight increased. The reason for that is partly the construction of the stand, but I think the leather in the seat and material in the cushions are also relevant. Up until now, I have never seen a bench that had such a combination of strength, functionality, and excellent design."

2013 IPF Open World Bench Press
Championships, Lithuania
120+kg 2ndRESULT 359,0kg
2015 IPF Open World Bench Press
Championships, Sweden
-120kg 3rdRESULT 337,5kg
2016 IPF Open World Bench Press
Championships, Denmark
-120kg 1stRESULT 355,0kg


  • TRUCK FURNITURE makes each stand upon receiving the order, so it will take some time to fulfill them.
  • We use leather from bulls that lived a long life, so it may show some surface marking and variations in color. In addition, over time the metal pieces will shift in color and perhaps accumulate some rust. Please consider appreciating this as the inner qualities of the materials expressing themselves. We accept orders only from customers who understand and anticipate the unique properties of this bench.
  • We do not accept returns or exchanges, so please confirm the size of your item before placing your order.
  • Regarding the color of the item, it’s possible that the color of the actual item may differ from what is displayed in the picture—depending upon the settings of the computer monitor used to view it. We ask for your understanding in advance.
  • The flat training bench pictured in the photo has been used in the Kyoto University gym for one year, and shows some discoloration with age.