Strength Belt

Width 100mm Thickness 6mm
Leather / Brass

Strength Belt
Strength Belt
Strength Belt

Strength Belt


Nearly everyone who does serious weight-training uses a weight belt. They use it for various reasons, from preventing lower back injuries to utilizing core strength to attempt challenging weights. I pursued a weight belt that felt like my own skin. A belt is, of course, a belt, but I wanted a belt that felt like a thick band of muscle wrapped around my waist. That said, it also had to be durable, while still being comfortable. Most weight training belts protect the lower back, but also restrict one’s ability to use one’s core strength.
Belts used for power-lifting allow both protection of the lower back and access to core strength, but are stiff and uncomfortable to wear.
This strength belt combines the benefits of regular weight training belts and power lifting belts, and includes a high level of comfort upon wearing.


Simple, Durable Design

During the testing phase, I first used metal rivets to attach the buckle to the leather. I discarded the design, however, because it caused discomfort to the stomach area. When I tried to attach it with stiches instead, I also discovered that the original suppleness of the leather would be lost if too many stiches were used. To address that problem, I chose to eliminate all waste and limit the stitches to the smallest number possible while still retaining the durability of the fastening.
The type of metal was also a concern for me. Buckles are usually made from iron and zinc, but I chose to use brass so that the buckles would stand up to long years of use without erosion or other damage. In order for the belt to allow one to use their core strength, I used a design for the roller that did not have a joint. In this way, even the less obvious parts of the belt are designed to withstand intense lifting.

In pursuit of my ideal belt, I got a hint from one that weight training master Fumitoshi Takanishi used over twenty years ago. Takanishi is currently the strength coach for the Softbank Hawks of the Nippon Professional Baseball League. That belt was specially crafted by Miyahata Yutaka, and Takanishi received it with much gratitude. At a glance, it appeared to be a normal weight-training belt, but when I put it on there was none of the familiar discomfort associated with most weight belts. It fit me better than any belt I had yet tried. The secret was an especially thick, 6 mm piece of leather. I had never seen anything like it. The leather had a delicate flexibility that was neither too stiff not too soft. I learned that it is usually not possible to obtain leather of such thickness, as cows that have lived the necessary six years or more are not available on the market. Cows whose leather is available are generally three years old, and the leather is only 3-4 mm thick. After searching through all of Japan, however, I was able to procure the thicker, 6mm leather, though only on the condition that it be a few pieces per year. It was after acquiring this privilege that I began to make my training belt. I discovered something else when I was searching for the leather. In order to achieve a certain thickness, it appeared as if the makers of standard weight belts were attaching two thinner pieces of leather together. This construction was the cause of the discomfort and stiffness one feels when putting on these belts.


Even when I had the thicker leather, however, there was still a problem. How flexible should it be? Too stiff and the belt would be uncomfortable and restrict movement, too weak and it would fail to protect the lower back. After trying a number of things, I eventually settled on a single, seamless piece of leather that had been tanned for three months with vegetable tanning (a highly respected tanning process with a tradition of over 200 years) and then handled so that the individual leather fibers became densely aligned. It will fit comfortably from the time you receive it, but the more you use it the more it will adapt to the shape of your body and to the way you move, transforming into a belt that is optimized just for you.


This durability does not sacrifice comfort, however. The belt is constructed so that it lies flat and snug on the stomach area, which eliminates discomfort to the body.
In my quest to design this weight-belt, I journeyed all over Japan, ultimately obtaining the use of machines with over fifty years of effective service, other machines utilizing cutting-edge technology, and the careful handiwork of highly skilled craftsmen. With their help, I can offer you a belt of the highest quality.



Fumitoshi Takanishi

Body Building Asian Champion

福岡ソフトバンクホークス ストレングスコーチ

Roughly five years ago, I spoke with Takeshi Itani about a weight belt that I had been pursuing. Standard issue weight belts—which become narrow around the stomach—do provide a certain amount of support for one’s waist and lower back, but they limit the amount of core strength one can utilize for a given lift. In contrast, power-lifting belts made for squats, bench press, and deadlift are designed to both support the lower back and utilize core strength, which makes them suitable for use with even heavy weights. That said, the stiffness of the belt and initial discomfort experienced when putting it on may be undesirable for beginners and those with some training experience. It is also true that these belts are not well-suited for every kind of lift. That is why I was searching for a weight belt that combined the elements of safety and functionality. Since our conversation, Mr. Itani has worked hard to develop just such a strength belt. He regularly solicited my advice, and over a large number of iterations has succeeded in creating a wonderful product.

My trainees and I used a prototype of this belt for a year. Over the course of that year, we learned that it is an extremely high-quality belt that anyone could be satisfied with. In addition to its impressive functionality, the beautiful simplicity of the design is also something to be proud of.

As I used the belt, I was very surprised by one thing in particular—and it wasn’t just me. Everyone who used the belt was surprised to find that, even after performing heavy lifts, the body suffered very little lasting damage. Fatigue on the days following the lift was dramatically reduced. It’s possible that this belt, so good at reducing the fatigue of heavy lifting, delivers a new value not available in any other model.

On top o that, the leather of the belt matches the feel of the body so well that it seems to work like an additional layer of skin. For all of these reasons, it seems reasonable to say that this belt is a superior creation. I confidently recommend this to anyone who is engaged in serious training.

1991-1996 全日本ボディビル選手権ミドル級優勝 (6年連続)
1992 アジアボディビル選手権優勝
1993 ワールドゲームス世界6位 (日本人初)
1998 全日本ボディビル選手権ウエルター級優勝
1991-1996 All-Japan Body Building Championships,
Middleweight Champion (6 years in a row)
1992 Asian Body Building Contest, Champion
1993 World Games, 6th Place (First Japanese contestant to place)
1998 All-Japan Body Building Championships, Welterweight Champion


XS 50 60 70
S 60 70 80
M 70 80 90
L 80 90 100
XL 90 100 110
  • We craft each belt from scratch upon receiving orders, so some time will be required to fulfill yours.
  • The belt has 9 holes, spaced at intervals of 2.5 cm.
  • One additional hole can be added on either side of the current holes, for those who request it. We require this request be made at the time of the order. The holes can be made on the inside or the outside. If you would like to do so please select Option S (inner hole), or L (outer hole) from the drop-down menu.
  • The leather is very unique and may display some marking or discoloration. We only complete orders for customers who understand and accept these conditions.
  • We do not accept returns or exchanges, so please confirm the size of your item before placing your order.
  • Regarding the color of the item, it’s possible that the color of the actual item may differ from what is displayed in the picture—depending upon the settings of the computer monitor used to view it. We ask for your understanding in advance.




創業100年を超える武道具専門メーカー九櫻の柔道衣の生地で製作した巾着袋です。ジムに行く時にSTRENGTH BELTとタオルがちょうど収まるサイズです。  

This bag is made out of the same fabric used for the judo wear of the world-renowned judo shop Kusakura, a company founded over 100 years ago. A strength belt and towel fit perfectly inside for when you go to the gym.



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