Judo Shorts

100% Cotton
Dark Khaki, Black, Brown, Navy

Judo Shorts
Judo Shorts
Judo Shorts
Judo Shorts
Judo Shorts
Judo Shorts

Judo Shorts


Judo-gi, the uniform worn by judo competitors, have been under careful development for over 100 years. I have been wearing judo-gi since I was in junior high school. I like the way my spine naturally straightens when I put one on. I am also drawn to the worn edges of the uniforms and the gravity of the black belts of masters who have dedicated long years of careful training to developing their art. Judo-gi are durable and suit your body better the more you wear them, retaining their strength while also changing to match you like a second skin.
As is true for the body, I consider strong and simple clothes and tools to be best. The uniform crafted for Japanese martial arts idealizes this view. This reliable judo-gi is suitable not just for the dojo, however. I wanted an equally reliable wear for training or camping in the mountains, so I collaborated with Kusakura maker of the judo-gi prized by judo competitors and Olympians all over the world to make it a reality.


九櫻 / Kusakura


Founded over a hundred years ago, Kusakura is a Japanese company that specializes in judo-gi. From the weaving of the material to the cutting and stitching, their gi are made in house by craftsmen. Kusakura is the only judo-gi workshop that is recognized by the International Judo Federation as making its product entirely in-house. In the Rio Olympics, competitors from 28 countries wore gi from Kusakura. These competitors claimed 11 total medals, three of which were gold. The name “Kusakura” is said to come from the family crest of a prominent samurai named Sakon Onji, a vassal of the military commander Masanari Kusunoki. Onji was based in the Osaka area some 600 years ago, during an era known as the Nanboku-cho Period.



Flávio Canto フラビオ・カント

Flávio Canto

judoka  Representing: Brazil

Olympic Games
2004 Bronze medal Athens -81kg
Pan American Games
2003 Gold medal Santo Domingo -81kg
1999 Silver medal Winnipeg -81kg
1995 Bronze medal Mar del Plata -78kg
South American Games
2002 Gold medal Rio de Janeiro -81kg
Pan American Judo Championships
2010 Gold medal San Salvador -81kg

Institute Reação social project

In 2003 Flávio Canto created Institute Reação, a non-governmental organization that promotes human development and social inclusion through sports and education, promoting judo from the sport initiation to a level of high performance. Institute Reação works in low-income communities in Rio de Janeiro as Rocinha, Pequena Cruzada, Cidade de Deus and Tubiacanga. The Institute serves about a thousand children and young people between 4 and 25 years old and has played a prominent role in competitions, including having revealed the current Olympic and world junior judo champion Rafaela Silva Lopes.


(cm) S M L
1. Waist 75〜86 85〜94 95〜104
2. Hip 103 110 118
3. Length 42 44 45.5
4. Hem-width 27 28 31
5. Inseam 16 17 18
  • Unlike mass produced judo-wear, these shorts are made one at a time by veteran craftspeople at the world famous judo-wear company, Kusakura. They are produced according to the same process used to create the judo gear beloved by Olympic competitors from a wide variety of countries. This makes them an extremely limited commodity. For that reason, it is possible that it may take some time to fulfill orders.
  • These shorts are dyed with a color that is unique to Itani Athletic, and become softer and more comfortable the longer you wear them. This process allows you to appreciate the passage of years in the wearing of the shorts.
  • Please look at a zoomed-in version of the photo of the fabric to confirm the color of the product. Depending on the settings of the computer monitor used to view it, it’s possible that the color in the photo will differ from that of the actual project. We ask for your understanding in advance.
  • We do not accept returns or exchanges, so please confirm the size of your item before placing your order.