Measuring Tape

Φ70mm Tape Length 200cm
Bull Leather

Measuring Tape
Measuring Tape

Measuring Tape


Regularly measuring the changes in one’s chest, arms, and waist can provide feedback about how training has changed your body. These concrete numbers can be a source of satisfaction and encouragement for further training. This is a measuring tape that you will want to put in your pocket and carry everywhere. Each one is hand-made by an experienced leather-worker, while the measuring tape itself is of German make.


  • This measuring tape is also made from the strong, textured BULL leather used in the push up bar and training bench.
  • Due to the fact that this measuring tape is made with the hide of a mature bull, it may display some marking or discoloration. We only complete orders for customers who understand and accept this possibility.
  • We do not accept returns or exchanges, so please confirm the size of your item before placing your order.
  • Regarding the color of the item, it’s possible that the color of the actual item may differ from what is displayed in the picture—depending upon the settings of the computer monitor used to view it. We ask for your understanding in advance.