Medicine Ball

S 6kg 30cm / M 9kg 35cm / L 11kg 40cm
Bull Leather

Medicine Ball
Medicine Ball

Medicine Ball


We’ve managed to craft a very unique medicine ball. Because it is made from high quality leather that responds to use, it is a tool that you will love more the more you use it. Compared to standard rubber medicine balls, the ball feels soft on the hands, and is popular amongst women at my gym.
You can pair with a partner to throw it, which trains explosive movements, or you can use it in place of dumbbells or barbells to provide resistance to your crunches or squats. It is a training tool that rewards creativity. We have prepared three sizes (weights).



SIZE WEIGHT / Roughly DIAMETER / Roughly
S 6kg (~13 lbs) 30cm (~12 inches)
M 9kg (~20 lbs) 35cm (~14 inches)
L 11kg (~23 lbs) 40cm (~16 inches)
  • We craft each ball from scratch upon receiving orders, so some time will be required to fulfill yours.
  • This medicine ball is also made from the strong, textured BULL leather used in the measuring tape and training bench.
  • Due to the fact that this ball is made with the hide of a mature bull, it may display some marking or discoloration. We only complete orders for customers who understand and accept this possibility.
  • This medicine ball cannot be thrown against the wall or floor—it will suffer damage.
  • We do not accept returns or exchanges, so please confirm the size of your item before placing your order.
  • Regarding the color of the item, it’s possible that the color of the actual item may differ from what is displayed in the picture—depending upon the settings of the computer monitor used to view it. We ask for your understanding in advance.